Superior 50 – 9/7/2013

I wanted a challenge and Mother Superior served it.

sht = gnarly

sht = gnarly

-52.1 miles
Official time 14:26:57 (17:21 pace)
-Placed 52/79 (53 DNF’s)

What was awesome 
-Got to meet Tracy Høeg (who killed SHT and placed 1st female) and tons of other people (sorry to those who said they knew me but I drew a blank)
-The trail: 100% gnarly!
-Waterfalls, rapids, lakes…amazing sights!
-Zero music, zero mantras and yet wasn’t bored for even a second of this race
-Strong last mile finishing kick
-Very little muscle cramping (only the right foot on a couple of occasions due to excessive downhill braking)

Things that sucked 
-Almost missed the start line bus which was pulling out as I was just getting out of my car
-Getting stung (first time ever)
-Worst GI cramps during the first 20 miles that I have suffered in years
-Running out of water in the Crosby Manitou section
-Had a near panic attack and hyperventilated at the real risk of being pulled for the first time in my race history (made Sugarloaf cutoff with only 3 minutes to spare)
-Blisters, one of which popped on own—my feet were not conditioned for this technical trail of solid rocks and roots
-Consistent struggle with shortness of breath (low iron yet?)
-One hallucination that I ignored and shouldn’t have
-Knocking out a contact from trying to wipe the sweat from my eyes (it was humid!) and subsequently needing to wear glasses for 30’ish miles

Vrksasana overlooking Lake Superior the morning after Superior 50

Vrksasana overlooking Lake Superior the morning after Superior 50

Training notes 
-My training is untraditional (no 10% rule, no back-to-back weekend runs, etc.)
-I haven’t followed a written training schedule since 2007—It’s all in my head what goals I need to accomplish prior to race day
-I take training day by day since my life as a single parent is too unpredictable and doing it this way actually reduces training stress for me
-Top training tools: running stroller, baby carrier and/or Maleficent
Somewhere in the utter chaos and minimalist method of my training style, I got the job done. I truly believe there isn’t anything I can’t do once I set my mind on it. I’ll find a way.

Visualization mix
Gavin DeGraw – Best I Ever Had
Walk off the Earth – Red Hands
Flo Rida – Can’t Believe It ft. Pitbull
The Wanted – We Own The Night
Lady Gaga – Applause
OneRepublic – Counting Stars
Katy Perry – Roar

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